Unsafe Harbor

Hear ye, hear ye!
It's the latest gossip in Glenstone!

(14th of Elul, Year of the Fruitbat, Cycle of the Rooster, Age of Dagon)

The Feast of St. Carin is almost upon us! As you all know, the bones
of St. Carin herself are on their way to our city this year in a
caravan of holy men. Glenstone will soon be bursting at the seams
with frothing doomsdayers, religious pilgrims, sick people hoping for
a cure, and optimistic scum looking to take advantage of the chaos and
crowds. The taxmen report they’re already seeing increased numbers at
the gates.

Admiral “Granite” Barghent’s special cadre of pirate hunters has been
dealt yet another humiliating blow, as Captain “Quicksilver” Clarke
eluded his pursuers in last night’s heavy fog, and the poor Admiral’s
men had to be escorted back to port after getting lost at sea. Word
has it that Clarke resided in one of the harbor’s finer inns for
almost a fortnight before being discovered.

The official story is that everything’s fine, but rumors continue to
circulate about an ugly sickness making the rounds in the mountain
town of Quarthe. Nobody can seem to agree on the symptoms, so this
town crier suspects it’s just silly peasants clucking like the
chickens they are. Here’s hoping the whispers of plague are

Finally, it seems city councilman Alether Lundmoore is all in a dither
about his wife cozying up to the Baron Salden at a private shindig
this weekend. The likes of poor you and me may never know for sure
what our city’s proud leaders get up to in the Keep, but it’s safe to
say the Duchess’s parties never fail to create juicy scandals!

Stay faithful, listeners, and as always, your generous donations are
appreciated…thank you, thank you kind sir!


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