The Twisted Lamprey

This building is quite narrow and sandwiched between a long row of
similarly narrow, shitty buildings. this neighborhood probably hasn’t
seen a fresh coat of paint since Edward was king.

The sign outside has a crude drawing of a suspiciously phallic eel tied in a knot.

The common room isn’t big and it’s not in great shape; everything’s old and patched up and the edges of things don’t get cleaned too often.

A narrow staircase goes upstairs to the four rooms for rent.

The rear bedroom is at the back of the 2nd floor and is probably the only
one with a window at all. the window overlooks an alley running
between these rows of buildings. the alley is…nasty. the garbage
doesn’t get cleaned up around here too often. there’s a layer of ooze
on the ground and piles of stuff on either side. the building directly across from you has a window in more or less the same place as this one, only reversed. the shutters are

the common room window faces the front street which is pretty wide and
clean, compared to the alley. if you remember correctly the buildings
across the street looked like a butcher’s shop and a whorehouse with
some kind of nondescript residential place in between.

The Twisted Lamprey

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